Teleport is a basic Stolen Power.

Target an allied Turret, Surveillance Camera, drone, or control point (if uncontested) to blink to it after channeling 4 seconds with a 420 seconds cooldown. Cooldown is reduced to 300 seconds (reduced by 120 seconds) if teleporting to a Turret or control point. Channeling will be cancelled (60 seconds cooldown regardless of target) if the Champion moves or takes damage.

Teleporting to a drone will prevent it from damage during the channel. However, if the drone in under fire by a turret, the turret will switch targets. If it is the only drone under the turret, it will fire against champions.

Teleport cannot be cast on turrets outside the base before the match start and the barrier goes down.

There is currently a bug that prevents champions from teleporting to a Dampener with the minimap, but they could still teleport to it by scrolling the screen.

Catwoman, Cyborg and Nightmare Superman have their unique versions of Teleport with additional effects which can be unlocked and used on any champion when the champion it is associated with reaches level 5 and is owned or if the Stolen Power is bought with Merit.

Catwoman's Teleport

Catwoman's Teleport

Catwoman's Teleport has a lower cooldown (360 seconds instead of 420 seconds).

Cyborg's Teleport

Cyborg's Teleport

Cyborg's Teleport has a faster teleport time (2.5 seconds instead of 4 seconds).

Nightmare Superman's Teleport

Nightmare Superman's Teleport

Nightmare Superman's Teleport provides a Power Damage increase after a successful teleport.

Stolen Powers
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