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This is the page for Superman (Prime)'s costumes.

Regeneration Matrix

No one dies today. It’s time to rise up as ‘Regeneration Matrix’ Superman and rule the arena!

During a destructive battle throughout Coast City between Superman and Doomsday, both Champions fell to their death. But not even death can keep the last son of Krypton down! After being transported to the Kryptonian Regeneration Matrix in the Fortress of Solitude, Superman was revived with new strength… and a new look!

Don’t be fooled by the appearance of his shiny new suit, this is definitely still the Man of Steel! This costume features a sleek black outfit trimmed with silver accents for the signature ‘Regeneration Matrix’ look. With a new hairstyle to boot, this brawny Bruiser sure knows how to make a mullet look mean!

Want to learn more about playing as Superman? Make sure you check out his Champion Unmasked article and go Behind the Voice with Troy Baker to learn what it’s like to become this indestructible Superhero. The time is now, Protectors. Grab this costume from the Infinite Crisis Store today for 650 Crisis Coins and show your Kryptonian might as ‘Regeneration Matrix’ Superman!

Price: 650 Crisis Coins

Clark Kent

Can't change quick enough? No problem. Just patrol as Clark Kent Superman and fly up, up, and away!

Price: 650 Crisis Coins


Beat up the baddies with this Classic All American Superman Skin.

Price: 650 Crisis Coins

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