Stolen Powers are abilities Protectors can use to assist their champion.

Stolen Powers come in basic and unique forms. Basic Stolen Powers can be used by anyone, but unique Stolen Powers can only be used by a champion if at least one of the following criteria is met:

  • The champion is associated with the stolen Power. For example, Harley Quinn can always use Harley Quinn's Detonate.
  • The Stolen Power is purchased in the shop. After buying Superman's Super Strength for 1500 Merit in the shop, it can be used on any champion.
  • The champion it is associated with reaches level 5 and is owned. After Atomic Wonder Woman reaches level 5 and is bought, Atomic Wonder Woman's Super Speed can be used on any champion (note that they need to be bought; currently free champions will not count).

Two Stolen Powers can be chosen for a match. However, only one version of a single Stolen Power can be chosen. Protectors cannot choose both Doomsday's Invulnerability and Shazam's Invulnerability.

There are currently 12 basic Stolen Powers. Every champion has one unique Stolen Power. Each basic Stolen Power has at least 3 additional unique forms.

List of Stolen Powers

Default Stolen Powers

When a champion is selected, two default stolen powers would be automatically chosen, although Protectors could change them before going into the loading screen. Previously, the second one is always their unique stolen power, but this was later changed to not be the case. For example, Green Arrow's recommended stolen powers are Invulnerability and Super Speed, without Green Arrow's Surveillance Camera.

Note that these two Stolen Powers will replace your current choices, so be careful when switching between multiple champions and make sure you have the Stolen Powers you want.

Stolen Powers
Consume Consume Detonate Detonate Healing Wave Healing Wave Invulnerability Invulnerability Meteor Drop Meteor Drop Psychic Assault Psychic Assault Super Speed Super Speed Super Strength Super Strength Surveillance Camera Surveillance Camera Teleport Teleport Trap Trap X-Ray Vision X-Ray Vision

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