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  • While Parasites can still be applied, jungle creatures cannot be enslaved.
  • Enemy drones can be enslaved and they do not expire, unless Starro dies, which causes all slaves to expire.
  • Parasites that failed to hit a target will drop to the ground and slowly crawl back to Starro for a long duration.
  • When a slave is killed, no parasite will be dropped.
  • Drones last-hit by slaves will grant full gold to Starro. Because of this, and Starro can order slaves to attack enemy champions when necessary, it may not be a good idea to use Telepathic Warlord when pushing, as this would put your slaves in front of the less valuable friendly drones, causing the slaves to die faster.
  • If Starro uses Telepathic Warlord and causes slaves to attack an enemy champion, it will draw turret fire. However, it has great range and you can command your slaves to attack enemy champions under their turret while you stay safely outside of turret's range. It seems though, that Telepathic Warlord only causes slaves to attack enemy champion inside the skill range, and will not cause slaves to attack enemy champions outside the skill range even if they are in their own range.
  • Mind Control can be used to drag vulnerable enemy champions into your team or under your turret. While using Mind Control, you cannot use the Speed Force Battery or Teleport, but you can use Super Speed. It appears that the enemy champion under Mind Control always moves as the same speed as Starro regardless of any speed changes they have. However, you may still consider Speed Force Battery to get close enough to your target, as its range is not very long.
  • Parasite and Mind Control do no damage and will not draw turret fire. Due to Telepathic Warlord's range, you could also use the shorter-ranged Parasite first on a champion, then retreat out of turret range to hit them with Telepathic Warlord. Mind Control can be used to draw enemy champions from under their turrets, or at least force them to back off for fear of being Mind Controlled while you attack the turret.
  • Telepathic Warlord cannot be learned until Parasite is learned.
  • Star Shot is a great harass in lane but its damage falls off quite noticeably late game.
  • Building Will is a good idea because two of his skills (especially the health of his slaves) scale off Will.

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