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Cookie Conquerer

The elves have worked tirelessly for days. Their hands quickly craft toy, after toy, after toy, after toy. Their minds are an empty, depthless void. They live for this one thing. And as they craft… he watches over them. He will conquer joy and happiness. It’s only a matter of time.

He has adorned his gingerbread form with the bright colors of saccharine-sweet war paint. His eye swirls with the color of liquified candy canes -- a hypnotizing emblem of cold winter days and warm fireplace nights. His bow barely twitched as he moved down the assembly line, looking over what he had built. These are his minions, he thought, and they shall belong to no other.

Conquer the holidays as ‘Cookie Conquerer’ Starro, now available for 650 Crisis Coins in the Infinite Crisis Store.

Happy Holidays, Protectors. Sleep tight.

Price: 650 Crisis Coins

Molten Overlord

Finally, those who are truly dedicated may choose to change Starro’s appearance via his brand new costume, ‘Molten Overlord.’ Images of this powerful costume appear below. You may purchase this costume for 650 Crisis Coins in the Infinite Crisis store.

All is harmony. All is Starro.

Price: 650 Crisis Coins

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