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Starro - The Conqueror
Starro character model infinite crisis
Role Controller
Universe Prime
Price 5700 Merit or 650 Crisis Coins

The Conqueror Comes icon Star Shot icon Parasite icon Telepathic Warlord icon Mind Control icon


Starro is a Star Conqueror. These nomadic and parasitic creatures roam the cosmos in two forms: motherstars and parasites. Motherstars are sentient, while Parasites are extensions of the motherstar's consciousness. A parasite attaches itself to other sentient creatures, allowing the motherstar to control that creature's mind. Once controlled, the victims work toward growing more motherstars to go out and bring universal harmony to other planets—by conquering them.

Little did the Star Conqueror who came to be known as Starro know how difficult carrying that plan out on Earth would be!

Starro has little concern for what happens to the individuals it controls. They’re a tiny part of the whole. When Starro speaks to creatures it doesn't control, it does so telepathically, urging them to join in universal harmony.

Ability Name Ability Description

The Conqueror Comes
The Conqueror Comes icon

Whenever Starro creates a Slave using the Parasite skill, he regains Health. For every active Slave, Starro gains some Resilience.

Star Shot
Star Shot icon

Starro shoots a blast of energy that widens as it travels, dealing Power Damage to enemies it passes through. Enemies affected by Parasite are dealt an additional Power Damage.

Parasite icon

Fire a Parasite that attaches to the first enemy hit, increasing all damage they take for a few seconds. Damage dealt by Starro resets this duration. If an enemy dies while affected by Parasite, it becomes Starro's Slave, and behaves like a drone. Enslaved Champions do not gain the special effects of their artifacts, and will expire when that enemy Champion respawns. Starro gains a Parasite every few seconds, or if he collects a fallen Parasite.

Telepathic Warlord
Telepathic Warlord icon

Starro focuses his telepathic powers. Enemies with Parasites are dealt Power Damage and lose Move Speed. Nearby Slaves will aggressively target enemy Champions, and gain Move Speed.

Mind Control
Mind Control icon

Starro channels to control an enemy Champion's mind for a few seconds, forcing them to move in sync with him and affecting them with Parasite.



  • "All shall heed our will. Harmony...throughout the multiverse."


  • Starro rubs his eye, which causes a lens to fall out. He gropes the ground a few moments before finding it and putting it back over his eye.


  • Starro uses his top left and top right arms to make a "bring it" gesture.


Champion Profile

Champion Unmasked- Starro04:01

Champion Unmasked- Starro

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