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This is a list of Stargirl's costumes in Infinite Crisis.


If you loved Harley’s look, get ready to go gaga over Stargirl! Inspired by the ‘Bombshell’ statue line from DC Collectibles, this Stargirl costume puts you in the shoes of this high-flying superheroine. Take back the skies of the Lost Sectors and inspire our boys on the ground to keep fighting the good fight! The Multiverse depends on them, and on you!

Featuring a retro bombshell haircut, a trimmed down mechanic’s suit, and a pair of goggles that will protect your eyes from any Lost Sector disaster, ‘Bombshell’ Stargirl will win fights in a jiffy! Pick up the costume today from the Infinite Crisis Store for 650 Crisis Coins!

Cost: 650 Crisis Coins

Galactic Voyager

Description: "Space is big. Like, really big. But that’s totes okay because ‘Galactic Voyager’ Stargirl is ready for the vast and unexplainable cosmos. Fighting in the final frontier will be no probs with her beefed-up bold ‘n brassy Cosmic Staff.

The only thing this retro-inspired stellar starlet might have trouble with is encountering someone like Starro. Then again, those braces look pretty fierce. Cosmic horrors might take one look at their glittering glory and think twice. So sassy.

Besides, Stargirl’s head is way protected from the dangers and vacuum of space with that rad helmet. And her legs? Skin-toned space hosiery, obvs!

You can up ‘Galactic Voyager’ Stargirl today in the Infinite Crisis Store for 650 CC, and zap some intergalactic baddies."

Cost: 650 Crisis Coins


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