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Solomon Grundy - Unknown
Solomon Grundy Champion Model
Role Enforcer
Universe Prime
Price 6800 Merit or 650 Crisis Coins

Born on a Monday Solomon Grundy Ability Skill Clobber Solomon Grundy Ability Skill Slam Solomon Grundy Ability Skill The March Solomon Grundy Ability Skill Buried on a Sunday Solomon Grundy Skill Ability


Late in the 19th century a man named Cyrus Gold was murdered and his body was dumped in the waters of the Slaughter Swamp, located near Gotham City. A site storied with ritual and death the swamp became a haven for the malicious elemental force called, “The Rot.” The Rot feeds off death and it reanimated Gold 100 years after his murder to be one of its avatars.

The shambling creature that lurched from the swamp, though, bore almost no resemblance to Cyrus Gold nor did he possess his mind or memories. The only thing he was able to speak were lines from the 19th century English nursery rhyme, “Solomon Grundy,” which is how he earned the name he now goes by.

Since his reanimation, Grundy has been killed a number of times, only to rise again later from Slaughter Swamp. Interestingly, over successive reincarnations, Grundy has displayed varying personalities. Sometimes he has returned as a mindless brute. At other times he returned with some of the memories and intellect of Cyrus Gold.

Ability Name Ability Description

Born on a Monday Born on a Monday Solomon Grundy Ability Skill

Upon his death, Solomon Grundy becomes untargettable and unattackable for several seconds. He then returns to life with all non-ultimate skill cooldowns reset and full health. While in this reanimated state, his health will rapidly decrease, he cannot receive healing, and he will deal reduced damage.

Clobber Clobber Solomon Grundy Ability Skill

Solomon Grundy rushes forward, stopping at the first champion hit, dealing Power Damage, and knocking the target back applying a slow.

Crush Slam Solomon Grundy Ability Skill

Solomon Grundy smashes the nearby area dealing Power Damage to affected enemies.

The March The March Solomon Grundy Ability Skill

Solomon Grundy gains additional Move Speed and immunity to Slows. While moving towards an enemy champion, the bonus Move Speed is increased. Additional, his next basic attack will suppress the target champion leaving them vulnerable to enhanced versions of Clobber and Crush. With an enhanced Clobber, Grundy punches the target in a straight line causing them to deal Power Damage to all enemy champions they pass through. With an enhanced Crush, Grundy hurls the target skyward before pile driving them into the ground, dealing Power Damage, and briefly knocking them down.

Buried on a Sunday Buried on a Sunday Solomon Grundy Skill Ability

Solomon Grundy oozes a noxious substance which infects nearby enemies for a short duration. Infected enemies take a percentage of their maximum health as Power Damage each second and infect other targets they come into contact with. Grundy also heals for a small percentage of his maximum health each second, which increases for each infected enemy.


Champion Unmasked

Champion Unmasked Solomon Grundy05:18

Champion Unmasked Solomon Grundy

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