Updated 6/24/2014 added to stats

Ra's al Ghul's Robe

Ra's al ghul's
Build: 1250 Credits

Salvage: 415 Credits

+35 Attack Armor

+25 Power Armor

2nd Tier

Build: 1st Tier + 1500 Credits --- Total 2750
Ra's al ghul's robe

Salvage: 910 Credits

+45 Attack Armor

+30 Power Armor

Unique Passive - Lazarus Effect: Upon reaching zero health, your hero becomes unable to act in any way, and gains a shield equal to 250+85*level. If the shield is not destroyed in 4 seconds the champ respawns with the remaining points of the shield as health, also gaining 50% of their max Will. 4 minute cool down.

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