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  • Poison Ivy can use Thorn Shield on an ally champion, herself, or even a friendly drone, allowing you to interfere with the opponent's farming even if they don't try to attack you.
  • Thorn Shield can be used to shield champions or drones against turret shots. Healthy Glow will also heal all drones in its radius. Both can help greatly while pushing.
  • Healthy Glow's healing field is deployed at Poison Ivy's location when she uses the fourth skill, and will not move with her. It will heal any friendly champions and drones along with herself.
  • Root Strike only adds one skill use to Healthy Glow when the root explodes.
  • You can spam skills at the base at the beginning of the match to get a Healthy Glow ready when you use the next skill. This cannot be done with Blow Kiss, which requires an enemy target.
  • Deadly Flora will count towards Healthy Glow.
  • Blow Kiss will drastically lower the damage output of enemy maskmen, so try to target them with it, and failing that, basic attack-heavy bruisers or assassins like Supergirl or Nightmare Robin.
  • Building Will is a good idea because three of her skills scale off Will.
  • Root Strike has great range and is a strong crowd control ability.

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