Neron's Contract

Neron's Contract is an artifact that grants Power Damage, Attack Armor, and a shield on the final tier.

Neron's Contract (1)

Build: 500 Credits

Salvage: 450 Credits

+10 Attack Armor

+10 Power Damage

2nd Tier

Build: 1st Tier + 500 Credits --- Total 1000

Salvage: 750 Credits

+25 Attack Armor

+20 Power Damage

3rd Tier

Build: 2nd Tier + 750 Credits --- Total 1750

Salvage: 1315 Credits

+40 Attack Armor

+40 Power Damage

4th Tier

Neron's Contract active

Sinestro under the effect of the active.

Build: 3rd Tier + 1250 Credits --- Total 3000

Salvage: 2250 Credits

+50 Attack Armor

+50 Power Damage

Unique Active - Blood Bargain: Activate to be shielded for 250 + 75*champion Level, but to be suppressed for 3 seconds, 120 second cooldown.


  • Neron's Contract is very similar to the League of Legends item, Zhonya's Hourglass. They both give Power Damage/ability power, a smaller amount of Attack Armor/armor, as well as a powerful defensive active that removes your control of the champion for a few seconds.

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