Updated as of 6/24/2014 patch
Modular tekite vial

Modular Tektite Vial (1)

Build: 100 Credits

Salvage: 35 Credits

Holds 1 charge

Modular Tektite Vial (2)

Build: Modular Tektite (1) + 100 Credits --- Total (200)

Salvage: 65 Credits

Holds 2 charges

Modular Tektite Vial (3)

Build: Modular tektite (2) + 150 credits --- Total (350)

Salvage: 115 Credits

Holds 3 charges


Upon activation one charge is consumed, restoring 100 Health and 75 Will over 15 seconds. Charges are replenished upon return to base, item is not destroyed upon reaching zero charges.

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