Meteor Drop is a basic Stolen Power.
Meteor Drop

Drop a meteor on target location, dealing 60 + 15 per level Power Damage in an area around it. The meteor persists for a few seconds as a Small Environmental Object.

Arcane Supergirl, Atrocitus, Gaslight Joker and Green Lantern have unique versions of Meteor Drop with additional effects which can be unlocked and used on any champion when the champion it is associated with reaches level 5 and is owned or if the Stolen Power is bought with Merit.

Meteor Drop has an estimated range of 4500, possibly allowing you to finish off enemy champions at very low health over great distances with luck. However, it has a long delay and is very unlikely to hit champions as they could just walk out of the small impact area, unless using it for zoning. It's often more useful in providing a small environmental object to use with Super Strength, Bleed Portal, or Mecha Superman, whose entire kit revolves around destroying environmental objects to disable enemies and defend his team.

Meteor Drop applies Power Lifesteal.

Arcane Supergirl's Meteor Drop and Green Lantern's Meteor Drop both offer increased damage but with different conditions. At level 19, its base damage is 330. If the target is missing 80% of their health, Arcane Supergirl's Meteor Drop will have its damage increased by 40% (462). For Green Lantern's Meteor Drop to do as much damage, you need 377 Power Damage, which isn't that difficult to achieve in late game (considering only items, you need max tier Fatality's Energy Lance, The Starheart and Eclipso's Diamond with a maxed passive, which should be the case at the end of an extended fight, to get exactly what much Power Damage). While Green Lantern's Meteor Drop always deals that much damage regardless of enemy missing health, Arcane Supergirl's Meteor Drop can be used on any champion effectively even if they don't scale with Power Damage.

Arcane Supergirl's Meteor DropEdit

Arcane Supergirl's Meteor Drop

The damage dealt by Arcane Supergirl's Meteor Drop is increased by 1% for every 2% of health that the target is missing.

Atrocitus' Meteor DropEdit

Atrocitus' Meteor Drop

Atrocitus' Meteor Drop Slows enemies struck by 20% for 4 seconds.

Gaslight Joker's Meteor DropEdit

Gaslight Joker's Meteor Drop

Gaslight Joker's Meteor Drop applies Wounding (-50% healing recieved) to targets in the area.

Green Lantern's Meteor DropEdit

Green Lantern's Meteor Drop

Green Lantern's Meteor Drop deals additional damage based on Power Damage ( + 35% Power Damage).


  • Arcane Supergirl's Meteor Drop's icon bears a strong resemblance to her Pyrolyze ability.

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