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  • There are Wayne Enterprises logos in her Sky Racer costume.
  • Mecha Wonder Woman, along with Gaslight Batman, both Marksmen, are the only champions classified as Hybrid Damage Champions.
  • Implacable Judgment and Tempest used to deal Power Damage before they are changed to Attack Damage. Despite this, Mecha Wonder Woman remains classified as a Hybrid Damage Champion.
  • Most of Mecha Wonder Woman's skills are very similar to abilities of League of Legends marksmen: in particular, Afterburn and Tempest are almost identical to Corki's Valkyrie and Miss Fortune's Bullet Time.
  • "Afterburn" is based on the Afterburner, an additional component of jet engines which allows aircraft to reach otherwise impossible speeds at the cost of high fuel consumption.
  • She is voiced by Laura Bailey.
    Behind the Voice Laura Bailey as Mecha Wonder Woman02:01

    Behind the Voice Laura Bailey as Mecha Wonder Woman

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