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These are the costumes for Mecha Wonder Woman.

Sky Racer

Meanwhile in the Mecha universe, Wayne Enterprises is providing sponsorship for Mecha Wonder Woman and her entry to the Sky Races. Her core chassis features a fusion of classic Wonder Woman elements, such as the metal “W” on her chest and stars on her jets, but adds a fire engine red finish and Wayne Enterprises branding.

Price: 650 Crisis Coins

D1A-NA Prototype

Go back to basics with a Mecha Wonder Woman costume that’s a blast from her pre-upgrade past.

Before she was the Warden of Truth, before she worked with the Justice Consortium to upgrade her frame, and before she was in-service to Queen Hippolyta, Mecha Wonder Woman was nothing more than a humanoid frame in Themyscira Labs. Now you can relive those early days and leave the armor at home as ‘D1A-NA Prototype’ Mecha Wonder Woman.

Featuring an uncovered (and probably unregulated) Tempest pack, exposed hydraulic lines, and the first iteration of her humanoid structure, this costume is perfect to embarass your enemies. Nothing else says “you lost your lane” better than being taken to task by a half-finished automata.

Grab this new costume in the Infinite Crisis store today for 650 Crisis Coins!

Price: 650 Crisis Coins

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