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Mecha Superman is a highly disruptive enforcer - in fact, he is the only champion with two non-ultimate interrupting area crowd control skills, but is heavily reliant on Environmental Objects. While his ability to create terrain and objects with Fissure is powerful, it is also easy to use badly and makes his disables easier to avoid.

  • Agent of Hope is triggered whenever an Environmental Object is destroyed, not just by Mecha Superman's own abilities. It works with Consume, Detonate, Super Strength, or even a Bleed Portal collapsing.
  • Normal expiration of the environmental objects Mecha Superman creates does not trigger Agent of Hope.
  • Fissure will always be a line perpendicular to Mecha Superman's facing. While the wall does not do damage, it is very useful for blocking enemy advance of blocking off their escape routes. It also instantly creates two small environmental objects (making it much faster than any of his other abilities), allowing you to activate both Drill Lance's silence and Sunstone Eruption's knock up quickly.

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