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Lex Luthor - The Greatest Mind of Our Time
Lex Luthor Prime Champion Model Character 2
Role Blaster
Universe Prime
Price Unknown

Neural Networking Lex Luthor Ability Skill Lexcorp Sentry Lex Luthor Ability Skill Tactical Disruption Lex Luthor Ability Skill Critical Mass Lex Luthor Ability Skill Orbital Remediation Lex Luthor Ability Skill


Born in Smallville but believing himself superior, Lex Luthor murdered his abusive father to escape small-town America and build an empire on his genius. On arriving in Metropolis, he exploited his brilliance and built a vast commercial empire but soon found his plans frustrated by another newcomer to that city: Superman.

Not one to take disappointment lightly, he became the sworn enemy of Superman. He has vowed that the world will turn its back on the Man of Steel along with all other “alien” meddlers, and instead embrace him as Humanity's champion... and ruler.

Lex Luthor's greatest weapons are his highly analytical mind and vast scientific knowledge. He quickly analyzes any situation and formulates an efficient and deadly response. His many encounters with Superman have resulted in him creating an armored exoskeleton that exploits many of the hero's weaknesses.[1]

Ability Name Ability Description

Neural Networking
Neural Networking Lex Luthor Ability Skill

When Lex Luthor creates a sentry, it briefly links to other nearby sentries with an energy beam. Enemies caught in the beam suffer Power Damage over time until they move or the link ends. If a linked sentry is augmented by one of Lex’s skills, the effect is passed to all other linked sentries.[2]

LexCorp Sentry
Lexcorp Sentry Lex Luthor Ability Skill

Lex Luthor deploys one of his sentries to defend a nearby area, firing upon the closest enemy dealing Power Damage. Several sentries can be active simultaneously but it takes time for his exoskeleton to prepare additional charges. Deployed sentries can be augmented by Lex Luthor’s other skills.

Tactical Disruption
Tactical Disruption Lex Luthor Ability Skill

Lex Luthor fires an energy volley at a target location briefly stunning any enemies hit and dealing Power Damage over time. Affected sentries are healed to full, have their durations reset, and slow enemies with their next several attacks.

Critical Mass
Critical Mass Lex Luthor Ability Skill

Lex Luthor unleashes a blast of energy in a straight line which collides with the first sentry or enemy champion it hits. Enemies struck suffer Power Damage. Affected sentries fire their next several attacks rapidly, dealing additional Power Damage.

Orbital Remediation
Orbital Remediation Lex Luthor Ability Skill

Lex Luthor takes control of his orbiting satellite to fire a devastating blast of energy from space. The satellite quickly takes aim before firing in a line to deal substantial Power Damage to all enemies hit.



Champion Unmasked

Champion Unmasked Lex Luthor05:02

Champion Unmasked Lex Luthor



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