The Leviathan.

The Leviathan is the most powerful creature on Gotham Divided. A massive mechanical worm-like entity with a large amount of health and damage, it is inadvisable to engage it without a team or before mid-late game.

It spawns for the first time 20 minutes into the match. Its location depends on which Phase Pod is opened first. The Phase Pods touch down at 5 minutes. The first pod to be opened will spawn the Raider and Leviathan will appear in the opposite pod at 20 minutes. If no pod is opened, Leviathan will always spawn bottom while the Raider will always spawn top at 20 minutes. Players will be notified three times at 1 minute, 45 seconds and 15 seconds before it appears.

Unlike most creatures, the Leviathan's health does not regenerate when no champions are nearby, allowing them to take it down with several runs, although this may lead to the kill being stolen by the enemy team.

Most Attack Damage champions with good lifesteal can solo the Leviathan in one trip late game with almost completed builds.

The Leviathan drops 3 Tactical Skills: Pulse Emitter (blue), which deals true damage to champions in an area and disables nearby creatures (including the Leviathan itself), drones and turrets for a few seconds just like the one dropped by the Raider; Leviathan's Core (red), which deals 200 true damage and applies a 35% slow in the targeted area, and Leviathan's Shield (orange), which grants a 400 health shield to all allies in range.

Leviathan drops

The Leviathan's drops. From left to right: Pulse Emitter, Leviathan's Core, and Leviathan's Shield.


  • The Leviathan is likely based on the League of Legends creature, Baron Nashor, which is also a giant worm-like entity that comes out of a warped pit and is the most powerful monster on the three-lane map.

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