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Oni's Wrath

Suit up as ‘Oni’s Wrath’ Katana and prepare to extract the souls from your foes in the Lost Sectors!

It’s time unsheathe the Soultaker and prepare to seek justice on the battlefield. Starting today, you can don the ‘Oni’s Wrath’ Katana costume and begin taking revenge against your enemies! Don’t be fooled by her small physique. This agile Bruiser’s martial arts and weapon mastery skills make swift work of her adversaries in the Lost Sectors.

‘Oni’s Wrath’ Katana is dressed in a striking outfit that’s radiating with power and ready for action. The traditional details of this costume confirm that this warrior is dressed to kill. Want to ensure your opponents remember your name? Make sure the last thing they see on the battlefield is the burning glow of your vengeful glare!

What are you waiting for, Protector? You can grab this ‘Oni's Wrath’ Katana costume from the Infinite Crisis store for 650 Crisis Coins today!

Vengeful Kabuki

Plus, today will also mark our release of Katana’s first costume: ‘Vengeful Kabuki.’ Don the ancient garb of the theater and stalk your enemies with a newfound elegance. Featuring an ornately crafted kimono, stylized makeup, and a new hairstyle, your enemies won’t forget your performance in the Lost Sectors!

Grab this costume from the Infinite Crisis Store today for 650 Crisis Coins!

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