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Infinite Crisis is a free-to-play MOBA set in the DC Comics universe for the PC. It features DC characters from several different universes and several unique additions to the traditional MOBA formula. Learn more about Infinite Crisis here.

Infinite Crisis

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Infinite Crisis - What Do You Fight For?01:48

Infinite Crisis - What Do You Fight For?

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Batman prime
Through skillful use of violence and intimidation, the grim vigilante Batman wages an unending war on crime.

Orphaned in childhood by a mugging that went horribly wrong, Bruce Wayne swore to eliminate crime from Gotham City. After years of intense mental and physical training, Bruce outfitted himself with an arsenal of high-tech gadgetry and took the mantle of Batman. Today he juggles life as CEO of Wayne Enterprises with a "rather busy" nightlife, and never shall the two meet.

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