Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse Volume 1
Infinite Crisis Fight for the Multiverse Volume 1
Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse Volume 1 Cover


Dan Abnett


DC Comics


Larry Stroman


Trevor Scott


Alejandro Sanchez


Wes Abbott


Aniz Ansari, Jim Chadwick

Monitor Nix Uotan learns that an unknown menace has begun an assault on the Multiverse. Harbinger travels across multiple worlds to recruit allies and stop the impending crisis.


There was once a race of beings known as the Monitors, who watched over an infinite number of earths from their homeworld, Nil. They preserved the infinite strands of creation, until one of them known as the Anti-Monitor turned against them. A crisis across infinite earths took place, destroying numerous worlds. In the end, the Monitors sacrificed themselves to end the evil of the Anti-Monitor, and peace was achieved. But only 52 universes remained. 

In the present, Nix Uotan introduces himself as the last surviving Monitor, saying he survived because he cared for the beings in the Multiverse, not just the "preservation of the grand order". Nix shows that an unknown menace is causing destruction across Earth-48. The invaders use corrupted Monitor technology to attack the earth. Nix Uotan says that he must recruit protectors from all 52 universes, even villains, and broadcasts a message to the heroes and villains of the multiverse. He also has figured out that the invasion is spreading across the multiverse to collect artifacts to improve their attack.

The scene shifts to Harbinger, recruited from Earth-48. She goes from universe to universe, guided by an orb. She goes to worlds such as Earth-20, Earth-41, and Earth-17 to salvage and destroy artifacts that the invaders want to use for themselves. This brings her to Earth-19, the Gaslight World. She meets Gaslight Catwoman, explaining the situation to her, and tries to enlist in her help.


Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse

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