Helm of Fate is an artifact that grants Power Damage and Armor, and at the max tier provides an active that briefly converts part of your Power Armor into Power Damage.

Helm of Fate (1)

Helm of fate

Build: 1000 Credits

Salvage: 750 Credits

+20 Power Damage

+30 Power Armor

2nd Tier

Build: 1st Tier + 1000 Credits --- Total 2000

Salvage: 1500 Credits

+35 Power Damage

+50 Power Armor

+5 Movement Speed

3rd Tier

Build: 2nd Tier + 1000 Credits --- Total 3000

Salvage: 2250 Credits

+50 Power Damage

+70 Power Armor

+10 Movement Speed

Unique Active - Mystic Surge: Gain Power Damage equal to 20% of your bonus Power Armor for 10 seconds, 90 second cooldown.

External Links

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