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Hawkgirl - Winged Defender
Hawkgirl Character Model Prime
Role Bruiser
Universe Prime
Price 5700 Merit or 650 Crisis Coins

Thrill of Battle icon Soar icon Mace Throw icon Haymaker icon Howling Eye icon

While growing up, Kendra Saunders’ father was murdered by a corrupt police officer. She became a police officer herself in an attempt to help people from inside the system but soon felt that she was being held back by the rules and regulations of the job.

While on yet another disciplinary suspension for breaking the rules, she encountered Hawkman. The hero told her that she was a reincarnated Egyptian princess and that the two had been both heroes and lovers in their previous lives. She thought him insane and asked to be left alone. Surprised that she did not remember him, he agreed to leave, but insisted she accept a mace and flight harness, artifacts of her past life. She took the items just to be rid of him.

However, as time passed, she came to the realization that a hero could do things a police officer never could. They could work beyond the rules and do more to help people. She decided to put the equipment Hawkman had left to good use and became the heroine known as “Hawkgirl.”

Ability Name Ability Description

Thrill of Battle
Thrill of Battle icon

Each Basic Attack against any target grants Hawkgirl Power Armor, stacking up to 4 times.

The buff resets if she had not Basic Attacked in 5s.

Power Armor: 4 / 6 / 8 / 10

Mace Throw
Mace Throw icon

Hurls her weapon, dealing attack damage to the first champion hit.

When soaring, marks and reveals the champion hit, allowing Hawkgirl to activate the skill again, dashing to the target.

Soar icon

Breaks slows, grants move speed and empowers her next basic skill.

If she earns a kill, the cooldown is reset.

Haymaker icon

Hawkgirl's next basic attack deals additional damage and a brief silence.

If soaring, it gains more damage based on the target's max health and lengthens silence.

Howling Eye
Howling Eye icon

Uppercuts the enemy champion, knocking them up and dealing Attack Damage.

Adjacent enemies are knocked back and dealt Power Damage.

For each enemy struck, Hawkgirl gains a Power Damage Shield.



  • "Strike fast and put them down for good."


  • "Time for action."
  • "They can't hide behind the law."


Champion Unmasked

Champion Unmasked Hawkgirl04:37

Champion Unmasked Hawkgirl

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