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This is the strategy for Green Arrow. Feel Free to add.



Use Ballistic Arrows to easily take out enemy drones and gain credits. Before using Bullseye, switch to Thermite Arrows so that Bullseye applies an explosive arrow to an enemy champion. To escape a desperate situation, use Superfoam Arrows to dash and shoot a superfoam arrow which slows the enemy champion allowing Green Arrow to escape.

Stolen Powers

Green Arrow's Surveillance Camera is useful for see where hidden enemies are on the map, and can be used to avoid ambushes. Meteor Drop is also useful for dealing extra damage, and Super Speed is useful for escaping narrow situations.


Building Zeiss Goggles will help you build quick Attack Damage and is good throughout the entire game. When upgraded to level 4, your next Basic Attack deals Power Damage, which can catch enemy champions off guard if they have only built Attack Armor. Soultaker Katana is also useful for Attack Lifesteal. Building Ra's al Ghul's Robe can provide Attack and Power Armor if needed. It is also helpful to build a Health Vial to sustain Health early in the game.

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