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These are the costumes for Green Arrow.


Washed up by the ocean waves, clutching his bow close to his chest as a makeshift floation device, Oliver Queen had to fight to survive. Utilizing the archery classes he took as a child, Queen carved out an existence on the island that would change him for the rest of his life.

Now you too can revisit the earliest days of Green Arrow as our newest costume, ‘Shipwrecked.’ Take control of a disheveled, scarred, long-haired, and very bearded Oliver Queen and fight for your right to survive in the Lost Sectors.

You can get ‘Shipwrecked’ Green Arrow in the Infinite Crisis store for 650 Crisis Coins!

Price: 650 Crisis Coins

Starling City

Protectors, it’s time for you to step up and set an example for the people of Starling City. Our newest costume puts you in the shoes of the vigilante known as “The Arrow.”

You can pick up ‘Starling City’ Green Arrow for free by visiting the official Arrow TV series Facebook page, but do it fast! This offer will only last until December 10th.

If you miss the Facebook promotion, you’ll still be able to purchase this costume in the Infinite Crisis Store for 650 Crisis Coins.

Don’t fail this city, Protector.

Price: 650 Crisis Coins

Achilles End

Play as a Greek Legend when you purchase the new Achilles End Green Arrow costume!

Price: 650 Crisis Coins

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