Gotham is a city in Infinite Crisis, and the hometown of BatmanCatwoman and more. It is currently merged into the Gotham maps because of the Bleed.

Below is a list of it's points of interest and residents.


Below is a list of in-game residents.

Prime Universe

Batman - Gotham's protector.

Robin - Batman's boy-wonder.

Catwoman - Mostly works in Gotham.

The Joker - Mostly works in Gotham.

Poison Ivy - Mostly works in Gotham.

Nightmare Universe

Nightmare Batman - He is after all Batman in a vampiric version.

Nightmare Robin - Presumed to live in Gotham.

Mecha Universe

At this moment, none.

Atomic Universe

Atomic Joker - Presumed to be a resident of Gotham in his universe, but it is yet unclear.

Atomic Poison Ivy - Presumed to be a resident of Gotham in his universe, but it yet unclear

Arcane Universe

At this moment, none.

Gaslight Universe

Gaslight Batman - Mentioned in his background.

Gaslight Catwoman - Mentioned in her background.

Gaslight Joker - Mentioned to work there in his background.

Monarch Theater

A Theater. It is where Batman's parents were murdered. Can be seen in the Crime Alley map.

Gaslight Gotham Locations

Monarch Hotel

Appears to be this earth's counter-part to Prime Gotham's Monarch Theater. Gaslight Batman's parents were murdered here. It can be seen in the same map as the Monarch Theater.


Notes & Trivia

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