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  • Steampowered Claws are 3 pass-through skillshots that applies Predator's Mark to every target they damage. When Predator's Grace is used on a marked target, its mark is removed but all other marks will remain, allowing Gaslight Catwoman to enter a barrage of blinks on crowds after properly landing Steampowered Claws on multiple targets. For example, in the jungle, with the right angle you could hit all 3 tripods and the large tripod with Steampowered Claws, allowing you to use Predator's Grace on each of them and maybe on the large tripod a second time. Even without Steampowered Claws, Predator's Grace still has a short cooldown for an ultimate ability, even though it is 48x as long at max rank. Remember the marks only last 5 seconds.
  • Careful not to target an unmarked target which would put Predator's Grace on full cooldown and stop your rampage.
  • Predator's Grace has a shorter range than Steampowered Claws. Therefore, it may be beneficial to blink to a closer marked drone before blinking to your target champion.
  • Predator's Grace puts Gaslight Catwoman on the near side of her target.
  • Shred is a separate ability, not a basic attack empowerment. Therefore, it cannot be used on turrets, not even to reset basic attack cooldown.
  • Predator's Grace can be used to blink through walls, but it requires vision of a target. Predator's mark does not grant sight of the target.
  • Gaslight Catwoman is very will-hungry. Consider building Deadshot's Visor to counter this, as it is the only item that grants both Will and Attack Damage.
  • The stealth from Blood Hunt will allow you to escape, especially if you go a different direction. If any enemy champions are below half health, the speed boost would help you to escape faster or to chase them down.
  • Steampowered Claws has a noticeable cast time and a fair travel time, so don't try to catch fleeing enemies at the edge of its range. Use Blood Hunt to get closer.
  • Using Predator's Grace on the Leviathan will briefly blink her inside the creature, then pushed away (north if it spawned bottom, south if it spawned top, as well as slightly to the west) far enough that the Leviathan will not continue to attack. This can be used to escape chasers coming from the opposite direction.

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