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Android Gaslight Batman

Android Gaslight Batman.

  • Gaslight Batman is the first champion players can control.
  • Gaslight Batman, along with Mecha Wonder Woman, both Marksmen, are the only champions classified as Hybrid Damage Champions.
  • In the comic book version, Gaslight Batman does not use Sonic Blasters.
  • Like his counterparts, his real identity is Bruce Wayne, and has a butler named Alfred.
  • His parents were murdered in Monarch Hotel.
  • When controlled by the AI in the Crime Alley map, he uses a unique Android costume. This was later released as a third-day log-in reward.
  • Gaslight Batman is possibly inspired by the League of Legends champion Ezreal, another hybrid damage marksman with a very similar kit (including a passive that encourages weaving in abilities to gain attack speed and a global pass-through ultimate).

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