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These are strategies for Gaslight Batman.
Gaslight Batman Bat Scream Gameplay


When starting a match, building Zeiss Goggles can be useful for dealing more damage early in the game, and can be kept throughout the game. If you need more health, build Ra's al Ghul's Robe to tier 2, as it will revive you upon death. For more Attack Damage, Joe Chill's Revolver can build it up easily. For power damage, build Eclipso's Diamond.


Usuallly when attacking it is good to stay behind a champion with higher health(such as Wonder Woman, Superman, Atrocitus, etc.) as Gaslight Batman has low health. If you are by yourself, maintain a distance from your enemies, as when they are upclose, they can deal a lot of damage.

Stolen Powers

Use Super speed to escape dangerous situations, or when an enemy is chasing you, and also Gaslight Batman's Surveillance Camera to spot enemies along the path. The surveillance camera is also useful for seeing how many enemies there are at the orbital cannon, raider, etc. 

Other notes

  • Bat Scream can be interrupted by hard crowd control, but it will not be put on cooldown, allowing you to use it again immediately.
  • Bat Scream starts a short distance in front of Gaslight Batman; this means if you are very close to him, it is possible to avoid the damage.

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