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Speed Storm

  • F=MA makes items that apply hit effects, such as Claw of Horus, very strong on the Flash. Basic attacking once and immediately activating F=MA allows you to get all 5 stacks on Claw of Horus in a very short time.
  • Note that F=MA has a very high Will cost at higher levels.
  • Mega Rod will fully apply its explosion damage on every basic attack during F=MA.
  • Hyper Vibration only gives one stack of Speed Force for every champion affected.
  • Speed Force grants bonus damage not only from his skills, but also items and Stolen Powers. The Flash's Super Speed for example grants him roughly a 10% damage increase.
  • Speed Storm deals devastating damage over time to all enemies in the area. Since the Flash becomes Invincible during the 2 seconds you can use it when you are under fire, such as to pass turret targeting to a drone or even turret diving enemies.

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