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Deliver a message they’ll never forget in this new Flash costume! The Fastest Man Alive is in need of a new wardrobe, and his latest inspiration has come from Mt. Olympus. Stepping into the sandals of Hermes, the messenger of the Gods, Flash is ready to deliver the might of Olympus to the Lost Sectors.

Donning a cape fit for an Olympian, iconic winged sandals, and a winged helm, this costume is sure to catch your enemy’s eye as you run with purpose. Catch this newest Flash costume in the Infinite Crisis store today for 650 Crisis Coins!

Hypersonic Flash

Flash's old costume not fast enough for you? Want to take speeding to a whole new level? Then you might be the perfect person to wear Flash's new colors.

As of today, the "Hypersonic Flash" costume is now available in the Infinite Crisis store. This costume encases the world's fastest man in futuretech armor, letting him preserve his sense of style while he runs circles around those who stand against you.

Price: 650 Crisis Coins

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