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Doomsday - Ruthless Abomination
Role Bruiser
Universe Prime
Price Complete a Gotham Divided vs. AI Match

DDRevengeIcon DDPummelIcon DDBerserkIcon DDChargeIcon DDKryptonicRageIcon

Repeatedly slaughtered and revived by a twisted scientist's experiment to create a weapon capable of killing whole worlds, Doomsday is a living weapon of adaptable mass destruction.

After growing strong enough to slay his creator, Doomsday left the scientist’s base on Krypton and traveled the universe on a murderous rampage until landing on Earth thousands of years later. There, he fought and killed Superman, who barely killed Doomsday. Since then, Doomsday has revived and sought revenge many times, each time resulting in narrow defeat.

Doomsday’s playstyle focuses on getting him into an opponent’s face and staying there until one of them dies.

Ability Name Ability Description


Doomsday has increased maximum Health. The last enemy to kill him becomes his Revenge target and Doomsday gains advantages against his Revenge target.

Pummeling Assault


Doomsday smashes the ground in front of him dealing damage to enemies in the area. This power can be activated three times in a row. The third attack knocks up all enemies hit.



Passively increases Doomsday's Attack Speed. When activated, increases Doomsday's Move Speed and Attack Armor.



Doomsday charges at an enemy, carrying them forward. He deals damage when he grabs them and additional damage if he carries the opponent into a wall. He also damages enemies he runs through while carrying his target.

Kryptonian Rage


Doomsday gains increased Attack Damage, Resilience, Health Regeneration, and Attack Reflect. This skill consumes Fury and ends when disabled or when Doomsday runs out of Fury.


  • "Anger is fuel!"
  • "Going!"(When moving)
  • "Unleash my fury!"(When selected)
  • "Nothing is forgiven, Superman" (when near Superman)


Champion Spotight

Infinite Crisis Profile Doomsday02:39

Infinite Crisis Profile Doomsday

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