Detonate is a basic Stolen Power.

Deal Power Damage to all Champions and drones near target enemy drone, creature, or Environmental Object. Creatures in the area (including the one targeted) are dealt True Damage instead and Environmental Objects are destroyed.

Power Damage dealt by Detonate will trigger Power Lifesteal, but True Damage will not.

Atomic Joker, Harley Quinn and the Joker have unique versions of Detonate with additional effects which can be unlocked and used on any champion when the champion it is associated with reaches level 5 and is owned or if the Stolen Power is bought with Merit.

Atomic Joker's Detonate

Atomic Joker's Detonate has a shorter cooldown.
Atomic Joker's Detonate

Harley Quinn's Detonate

Harley Quinn's Detonate

Harley Quinn's Detonate deals additional damage based on Power Damage (+ 40% Power Damage). Note that this only affects Power Damage dealt to drones and champions. The true damage dealt to creatures is not increased.

The Joker's Detonate

The Joker's Detonate reduces the Move Speed of all enemies damaged.
The Joker's Detonate

Stolen Powers
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