Crime Alley is a 1v1 map that was introduced in the September 2014 update. It can only be played against an AI and contains one lane with drones, jungle creatures, and turrets.
Crime Alley Lane Image

Official Description

"Crime Alley is the unfortunate nickname given to Park Row, the site of Thomas and Martha Wayne's murder. This 1vAI map is designed for new and seasoned Infinite Crisis players alike, offering everyone a private place to practice."

Urban Jungle

There are two jungle camps in Crime Alley. They contain one Heavy Tripod and three Tripods each, and they are found on either side of the map. Above the middle of the lane is the Power Relay, which activates five minutes into the match and can be captured by standing on it for 15 seconds. When captured, you gain 5 more credits every time you collect credits, elite drones spawn and a Surveillance Drone will patrol the top lane. This lasts for 3 minutes. After another 1 minute, the Power Relay will unlock, allowing anyone to capture it again.


"Crime Alley is divided by a multiverse rift. On one half, on the Earth most of us know, rests Monarch Theater, where Bruce Wayne and his parents saw a movie prior to being murdered. On the Gaslight half of Crime Alley rests the Monarch Hotel, where the Waynes of Earth-19 attended a formal ball the evening of their murder."


  • It originally contained a Regen Destroyer where the Power Relay currently is. There are also a respawning dampener on each side which allow the opposing side to spawn elite drones when destroyed.
  • It is the location where Thomas and Martha Wayne were killed.
  • There is a bug that causes the Crime Alley option to display an Average Queue Length of 11632:38:30, despite it being a solo map and does not require any queuing.

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