Made 6/24/2014 added to stats

Claw of Horus (1)

Claw horus

Build: 750 Credits

Salvage: 565 Credits

+10 Attack Damage

+20 Attack Armor

2nd Tier

Build: 1st Tier + 1000 Credits --- Total 1750

Salvage: 1315 Credits

+30 Attack Damage

+30 Attack Armor

3rd Tier

Claw of horus

Build: 2nd Tier + 1000 Credits --- Total 2750

Salvage: 2065 Credits

+40 Attack Damage

+40 Attack Armor

Kinetic Armor: Basic attacks steal 3 Attack Armor for 5 seconds from your target, can stack a max of 5 times.


  • Kinetic Armor will not gain or maintain stacks when attacking a turret.

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