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This is a list of Blue Beetle's costumes in Infinite Crisis.

Día de Muertos

Description: "Honor the fallen and fight for the living with Jaime's new costume, here just in time for the festival!

The autumn leaves are falling, but the festival is just beginning! Día de Muertos, the festival dedicated to the memory of the deceased, is upon us! Leave it to the Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes, to champion the dead in the lost sectors.

Featuring iconic calaveras makeup, a beetle themed belt sash, and a blue suit that compliments his skeletal style, this costume fits perfectly in the Gotham Heights Graveyard."

Only Available for a limited time.

Cost: 650 Crisis Coins


Jaime Reyes

Play as the new "Jaime Reyes" Blue Beetle!

Cost: 650 Crisis Coins


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