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Batman Starting Position


Batman is a Attack Damage champion so build lots of Attack Damage artifacts like Joe Chill's Revolver to deal the most damage. Also build health artifacts such as Fragment of Mogo and Booster Gold's Power Suit to retain health. Another helpful object is Ra's al Ghul's Robe as it brings Batman back to life if he is defeated in battle. Lifesteal is helpful for retaining health while in a fight, so building Soultaker Katana is not a bad choice.


Throw a batarang at an enemy and use martial arts to get up close. Use basic attacks and a mixture of Martial Arts and Batarangs at an enemy as well as The Dark Knight to gain an advantage. If the enemy tries to retreat, use Cape Sweep to slow them down and finish them off.

Stolen Powers

Super Speed is extremely helpful when escaping at low health. Flash's Super Speed allows him to move even faster, while Atomic Wonder Woman's Super Speed does attack damage to enemies he passes through. Invulnerability is also good if in a battle with another champion and can turn the tide of a battle. Doomsday's Invulnerability grants a stronger shield while Supergirl's Invulnerability gives him attack damage while the shield holds.

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