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These are the costumes for Batman (Prime).

Desert Armor

Of course Batman is prepared for all possibilities, why wouldn’t he be? Today, Protectors, we’re testing out a new variant Batsuit that’s been designed for harsh desert climates. Perhaps this will be exactly what we need to have in the trials.

Featuring a redesigned cape and a camouflage pattern perfect for desert climates, ‘Desert Armor’ Batman is ready to survive and thrive in the battlegrounds. Grab him in the Infinite Crisis store today for 650 Crisis Coins!

Price: 650 Crisis Coins

High Seas

High Seas Batman brings the power of a bearded Bruce Wayne, who can never get imposing enough in our humble opinion.

Price: 650 Crisis Coins

Arkham White

Exclusive to the Founder's Pack.

Price: Purchase the Founder's Pack(limited time)

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