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Anger Management

Have a problem controlling your temper? Tell ‘Anger Management’ Atrocitus all about it!

Who knows about anger better than the leader of the Red Lanterns? It’ll only take one session with this furious Enforcer to show your foes what real inner demons look like. Teach your enemies a lesson they’ll never forget when they try the patience of ‘Anger Management’ Atrocitus!

Featuring a striking plaid blazer, dress shirt, and slacks, this psychologist is dressed to kill. That’s right! These tailored duds are perfect for ripping your enemies apart in style! Don’t be fooled by his shiny shoes, because ‘Anger Management’ Atrocitus is ready to stomp his opponents right out of the Lost Sectors. This sleek new attire is sure to make your rivals question their own sanity and is available in the Infinite Crisis Store for only 650 Crisis Coins!

Anger management is all the rage this season and appointment times with this ferocious psychiatrist are filling fast. What are you waiting for, Protectors? It’s time to suit up and play as ‘Anger Management’ Atrocitus today!

Price: 650 Crisis Coins

Diablo Rojo

Does your heart burn with a fiery rage? Do your veins pump with red hot power? Well dang, we hope you didn’t eat a bad burrito.

Lovers of the super-ultra-prefix-suplex and all things lucha libre unite! Diablo Rojo Atrocitus is here to save the day, or if you’re his enemy—run your day with the searing pain of a trillion crimson fists. Donning a mystery cape, mask of power, and championship belt emblazoned with the Red Lantern symbol, Atrocitus’ newest look will make cameras flash and crowds go wild.

Snap into this snazzy costume for 650 Crisis Coins or 1395 Crisis Coins for the Atrocitus & “Diablo Rojo” bundle, available now in the Infinite Crisis Store.

Price: 650 Crisis Coins

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