Atomic Green Lantern Contents
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Atomic Green Lantern has fairly poor range and no mobility, making it hard for him to avoid being kited.

  • Meltdown can be cast on and passed to a drone but it will prioritize champions.
  • Scorched Earth has a nearly melee range. Both instances of the same use of the skill will apply Radiation Sickness separately.
  • Shards of Will will only apply Radiation Sickness on enemies who already have it, so try to only use it after landing Scorched Earth or Meltdown on multiple nearby targets.
  • Grab is narrow skillshot with moderate range, but the re-positioning is strong if you can land it. After landing Grab, using Scorched Earth and Shards of Will will apply four stacks quickly.
  • Meltdown has better range than his other abilities, and since it will always apply four stacks on the first target by itself, it's best used to start a fight, especially if you can't land Grab reliably.

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