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Arcane Supergirl is a blaster with high burst but also high reliance on skillshots and telegraphed combos.

  • Breath of Rao's charging period is not a channel. Arcane Supergirl can freely move, attack and use skills (most notably Firewall) during the charge. The fireball will not move with her - its firing position and angle cannot be changed after the charging starts.
  • The charging does not increase Breath of Rao's damage, so hit it twice to release it quickly if you don't need to increased range and missile speed.
  • Breath of Rao (especially when empowered by Firewall) and Rao's Wrath gives Arcane Supergirl strong area of effect damage, but they are fairly easily avoided by enemies paying attention.
  • A fully charged Breath of Rao has incredible range; in fact, it is one of the very few basic skills with a range so long they could hit targets just outside the screen. This allows Arcane Supergirl to easily threaten enemy champions hiding under their tower.
    • Its range and delay allows Arcane Supergirl to hit the Raider or the Leviathan while avoiding most retaliation, although it may take a considerable time to kill them.
  • Breath of Rao has high pass-through damage and missile width; using it can allow you to clear the drones between you and your target so you could quickly stun them with Pyrolyze. A decent combo would be Breath of Rao (charge) -> Firewall -> Breath of Rao (fire) -> Pyrolyze -> Rao's Wrath.
    Firewall effect

    Firewall empowering Pyrolyze (top) and Breath of Rao (bottom).

  • It is possible to use Firewall to augment a Breath of Rao or Pyrolyze that is already en route, although a fully charged Breath of Rao has a high missile speed and Firewall has a noticeable cast time so don't use it too late.
  • Breath of Rao and Pyrolyze's change appearance when passing through Firewall. Breath of Rao turns into a firebird and Pyrolyze becomes whiter and larger.
  • Firewall's cooldown can be reduced twice if both Breath of Rao and Pyrolyze passes through it.
  • Daughter of Rao will apply most spell effects, including a 10% slow with Atlantean Royal Seal.
  • Daughter of Rao becomes available when Breath of Rao starts charging, not when it is fired.
  • Remember that Firewall slows all targets in it, making it easier to hit her skillshots and helping with her generally very poor chasing.

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