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Arcane Green Lantern - Emerald Knight
Arcane Green Lantern Character model
Role Enforcer
Universe Arcane
Price 5700 Merit or 650 Crisis Coins

Emerald Light Icon Arcane Green Lantern Construct Champion Icon Arcane Green Lantern Shackles Icon Arcane Green Lantern Emerald Lantern Icon Arcane Green Lantern Deny The Black Icon Arcane Green Lantern

Sir Harold Jordan of Earth is one of the most distinguished members of the Order of the Emerald Lantern. During Hal's childhood the Shadow League plunged his world into darkness, summoning fiendish creatures of the Black. These creatures slew Hal's family, and if not for the intervention of the Emerald Knight Alan Scott, would have slain Hal as well. After the Shadow League was defeated, Sir Scott took the orphaned Hal as his squire. Hal learned well under Sir Scott's tutelage and was inducted into the Order. Although Sir Jordan is now a well respected member of the Order, his mentor fears his student's hatred of the Black may someday lead to disaster.

Sir Jordan is a brave and noble Knight, who will fearlessly - although some might say recklessly - wade into battle. He strongly believes that the Order is beyond reproach and will someday destroy the Black, forever.

Notes on the Order of the Emerald Lantern: To combat the Black, which seeks to consume all life in the universe, the Guardians of the Universe - a group of powerful and timeless wizards and sorcerers - formed the Order of the Emerald Lantern. Those inducted into the Order are granted the title of 'Knight.' These Knights are called from worlds across the universe and granted great power through mystical Lantern-shaped artifacts. The key to unlocking this power is the ring all members of the order are given, which has inscribed upon it the Oath of the Emerald Knights.

Ability Name Ability Description

Emerald Light
Emerald Light Icon Arcane Green Lantern

Arcane Green Lantern's lantern grants nearby allies 10 Attack Armor.

Trigger (Cooldown: 8s) - Damaging an enemy with a Basic Attack applies Emerald Light for 3s. Allied champions that use Basic Attacks against the marked target regain 30 Health over 4s.

Construct Champion
Construct Champion Icon Arcane Green Lantern

Arcane Green Lantern constructs a knight that marches forward, dealing 60 Power Damage to all targets and Knocking Down the first enemy Champion hit for 1.25s.

Activating the skill a second time will blink Arcane Green Lantern to the knight's location, dispelling it.

Shackles Icon Arcane Green Lantern

Enemy Champions near the lantern lose 25% Move Speed while they remain within range. If they are still within range after 3s, they will be Rooted (unable to move or use movement abilities) for 0.80s.

Emerald Lantern
Emerald Lantern Icon Arcane Green Lantern

Arcane Green Lantern throws his lantern, dealing 50 Power Damage in an area. The lantern remains there for 9s, granting vision. Touching the lantern will retrieve it, and reduce Emerald Lantern's cooldown by 3s.

Deny the Black
Deny The Black Icon Arcane Green Lantern

Arcane Green Lantern channels for 2s and then blinks to the targeted ally. As soon as he begins channeling the ally receives a Shield that blocks 250 damage and lasts for 5s, and the fog of war is Revealed in a large area around them. Enemies within this area receive the Emerald Light effect.


  • "Let those who seek to rule the night, beware my power, THE EMERALD LIGHT!" (champion select)
  • "Very well." (when moving)
  • "I grow every stronger!" (when levelling up)
  • "I had hoped for a challenge!" (when he defeats an enemy)
  • "My light will not wane." (respawning)
  • "You are unworthy." (when he defeats an enemy)
  • "My will is my weapon." (levelling up/new ability)


Champion Profile

Champion Profile Arcane Green Lantern02:25

Champion Profile Arcane Green Lantern

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